The Italian Art of Making Brushes

The Italian Art of Making Brushes

Tintoretto is one of the leading manufacturer of art brushes in Italy, that creates a wide range of tools capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding artists.

Tintoretto brushes are produced in Arezzo, near the city of Florence, the cradle of Renaissance painting in Italy. For over 17 years the fine art brushes have been entirely hand made respecting the finest Tuscan Lands ’crafts tradition. Ever since “Tintoretto” was born, the company is constantly on seeking quality and on upgrading the products, bringing till today a substantive evolution in the manufacturing and in the qualitative research for raw materials. Each brush is made of the best hairs available on the market selected directly in the countries of origin, then mixed according to their origin personal requirements. The resulting fibers are checked, sorted and processed to meet the quality standards.

Tintoretto Materials

The core of the tool, as to say the hair shaping the brushes’ point, is still produced by Tintoretto's experts according to handmade traditional method. Once the required hair quantity is divided and weighed, the hair is combed and tied with the aid of a proper mould, chosen to obtain the desired shape and size. After that, skilful hands, largely feminine, give the final shape to the hair bundle before inserting, measuring and pasting it on the ferrule, till the drying. Tintoretto materials

Ultimately, the head is secured to the handle by crimping and the brush is refined with combing, pasting, hair hooding and the handle is printed. As far as the creation process may seems to be easy, once the right deftness and experience is acquired, some tips and secrets are preserved during years and come down from age to age, determining the real brush quality.Tintoretto materials

The wide range of products, developed over these years, and the on-going improvements have made Tintoretto one of the Italian leader brand in the fine arts brushes field. Combining tradition with modern technology, the company manufactures high quality range of products able to satisfy even the most demanding artists.

The Tintoretto's catalogue includes almost all types of brushes for various pictorial genres among which: oil painting, acrylic and watercolor painting, restoration and decoration, retouch, gilding, graphic design, calligraphy, miniatures, ceramics and glass, decoupage and hobby activities and much more. In addition to fine arts brushes, the factory in Italy manufactured special tools for confectionery and dentistry as well as cosmetic, released under the brand Gabriel. The Tintoretto company also offers various accessories for painting, gilding and modeling.Tintoretto brushes

Through our store, you will be able to buy and use professionally-made brushes of Tintoretto. So far, we have included very few of them, but we hope in the future to expand our range and offer other kinds of products.

Sources: The text and images in this article are from Tintoretto company.

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